Shotokan Karate Kata

"Kata is the essence of karate. The masters created kata by condensing all of karate’s techniques to a definite form. By practicing kata, you will develop your body movement, rhythm and timing. You will develop your ability to execute the individual techniques, and you will develop an ability to move naturally from one technique to another. Strict adherence to proper technique when doing kata will lead to natural and effective body movement in combat.

Once you understand the principles of kata movements, you will have a foundation for natural reactions. Kata also helps to cultivate spirit By creating imaginary opponents, you have to muster the spirit of defense; just as in a real life situation, you’ll have to generate spirit on demand. There is a look you’ll have in your eyes; a certain force with which you’ll make a powerful kiai, that will let you opponents know that you have tremendous power within. Practice kata throughout your lifetime; and you may never have to use these techniques in a real-life situation. "

- “Perfection of Character” by Master Teruyuki Okazaki

Shorin: Kata that aid in the development of speed.
Shorei: Kata that aid in the development of power.

Heian Katas (Peaceful Mind) # of Moves Kiai Points
Heian Shodan (shorin) 21 Moves 9 and 17
Heian Nidan (shorin) 26 Moves 11 and 26
Heian Sandan (shorin) 20 Moves 10 and 20
Heian Yondan (shorin) 27 Moves 13 and 25
Heian Godan (shorin) 23 Moves 12 and 19
Tekki Katas (Iron Horse or Knight) # of Moves Kiai Points
Tekki Shodan (shorei) 29 Moves 15 and 29
Tekki Nidan (shorei) 24 Moves 16 and 24
Tekki Sandan (shorei) 36 Moves 16 and 36
Other Shotokan Katas # of Moves Kiai Points
Bassai Dai(To Storm a Fortress) (shorin) 42 Moves 19 and 42
Kanku Dai(To look at the sky) (shorin) 65 Moves 15 and 64
Empi (Flying Swallow) (shorin) 37 Moves 15 and 36
Jion (shorei) 47 Moves 17 and 47
Kanku Sho 47 Moves 28 and 47
Bassai Sho 27 Moves 17 and 25
Gankaku (Crane on a rock) (shorin) 42 Moves 28 and 42
Hangetsu (Half moon) (shorei) 41 Moves 11 and 41
Jitte (or Jutte) (Ten hands) (shorei) 24 Moves 13 and 24
Chinte 33 Moves 9 and 32
Sochin (men's team kata, Canada, 2015) 40 Moves 36 and 48
Unsu 48 Moves 28 and 40
Nijushiho (women's team kata, Canada, 2015) (Twenty-four Directions) 33 Moves 18 and 32
Gojushio sho 65 Moves 57 and 64
Gojushio dai 62 Moves 54 and 61
Meikyo 32 Move 32