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Dojo Etiquette


Dojo etiquette is of the highest importance. Proper etiquette maintains order, discipline, safety and above all, respect to the dojo, the instructors and others. Here are a few rules and guidelines:

  • Bowing - Bowing is a sign of respect in the dojo, so make sure you bow when:
    • You enter and leave the dojo.
    • To the Senseis when they enter the dojo for the first time before class starts.
    • If you wish to speak with a sensei, approach and bow first before speaking.Endeavor Kanji
  • Senior Members - It's important for senior belts to lead by example as they reflect the dojo.

  • Finger and toe nails should be trimmed and kept clean.

  • Gis - must be kept clean and in good condition.

  • Illness - Please be considerate and if you are feeling ill please take a few days away from training in the dojo to allow your body to heal and you are feeling better. This will also help prevent other dojo members from contracting virus such as a cold or flu.

  • Punctuality - Please try to be on time for classes. If you arrive late, please do a formal kneeling bow before joining the class.

  • Jewelry (rings, bracelets, neck chains, earringsetc.) must NOT be worn during training. Jewelry/watches tend to get caught in other students fingers, gi, etc. and cause injuries. If you cannot get a ring/earring off then tape must be wrapped around it.

  • Shoes - Please remove all footwear before entering the dojo.

  • Water bottles – It is important to stay hydrated during karate classes, however, it is considered impolite to leave the class to grab a drink unless necessary. It helps if you are hydrated before the class begins so take the opportunity to drink more during the day. If in the middle of a class you find you're feeling light headed or very much in need of a drink, move to the back of the dojo and bow out to go get a drink. When returning bow back in and rejoin the class.

  • Cell phones – Please turn them off, or put them in silent mode. If you are expecting a call please inform the sensei so they know of the possible interuption during class.

  • Talking - During class talking should be kept at a minimum and limited during times when there is a break in class, and in quite voices so as not to be disruptive.

  • If you questions please raise your hand during class as the senseis will be happy to help in any way they can.


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Beginner Class

Adult Beginner Class starts January 14, 2020
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January 9, 2020
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Homburg Centre for Health & Wellness
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